Professional and Registered Roofing Consultant Services in Canada

Harvey Associates Inc. is a team of passionate consultants committed to superior quality building construction and restoration. Roofing needs to be both design-optimized and sturdy enough to weather the exposure to harsh natural elements. In the last 30 years, we have undertaken a variety of large projects and ensured that the construction quality is top-notch and that our clients get their money’s worth in quality.
We do this through detail-oriented design and specification, which takes care of all the compliance requirements along with other needs of the client. The requirements are drawn out clearly so that contractors understand what is exactly expected of them. We also helm the inspection and assessment of the construction quality with regular site visits and reporting. 

Our expertise in consulting services is offered across Canada for the following:

Roof Consulting


Commercial property owners need fact-based decisions about their roofs. They require an unbiased, third-party assessment of the roofs and roofing consultants like us are best equipped to offer that. We provide roofing expertise and in-depth knowledge to commercial and industrial property or building owners and property managers.

Building Envelope Consulting


Building envelope consultancy services includes consultation on all the external surfaces of the building like roofing, cladding, glazing. We adhere to the latest industry standards when we review your construction documents and architectural drawings to ensure the use of appropriate materials.

Pavement Consulting


Properly paved pathways around large projects - industrial building and commercial properties - add more than a functional requirement. They enhance the curb appeal of the property and also contribute positively to the property value.

Insurance Claim Assessments 


When natural disasters or defects happen due to water, fire, wind, or snow, the external surface of your building needs repairs and damaged areas fixed. Harvey Associates Inc.’s team provides an impartial conditional assessment for quick insurance claims.

Hire Professional Roofing Consultants

Our roofing consultants have worked on multiple roofing systems to provide you with the best solution.

Roof Consulting Services
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