Roofing Consulting

Providing Exceptional Roofing Consultancy Services in Canada for 30 Years

We provide commercial property owners with unbiased, third-party roof assessments so you can make fact-based decisions about your roofs. We serve as roofing consultants, utilizing our roofing expertise and in-depth knowledge, to commercial and industrial property or building owners and property managers. We guide you through the appropriate roofing requirements, so you are not misled into getting an expensive roofing system. For more than three decades, our roofing service consultants have helped clients across Canada get durable roofs that can stand the test of time. Specializing in commercial and industrial roofing projects, we offer:

  • Roof inspection

  • Infrared roof inspection

  • Visual roof inspection

  • Roof moisture inspection

  • Thermographic roof inspection

  • Condominium roof consulting

  • Industrial roof consulting

  • Commercial roof consulting

  • Historical building consulting

  • Institutional roof service

  • Roofing design services

  • Roof plan drawings

  • Roof management and maintenance programs

  • Roofing and waterproofing consulting

  • Roofing specifications

Harvey Associates Inc. provides the following:


This involves assessing the condition of the roof. There may be times when only minor maintenance is required, possibly on projections through the roof. For instance, occasionally roof leakage is not actually coming from the roof, but the mechanical units on the roof are allowing water to enter. We survey the site to check whether units have been properly installed and other important details.

Contract Documents

This involves working on specifications for your facility, such as preparing tender documents and attending on-site meetings with qualified roofing contractors to ensure the roofers understand what is expected of them and answering any questions. This process ensures roofers are bidding on our specifications and not their own. This eliminates inadvertent omission of key issues and also ensures no expensive surprises are present in the bidding process.


We can also provide roof inspections during installation to ensure it is as per the contract and to address any problems/questions that may occur along the way. We can provide prices on request.

Safe, Durable, and Aesthetical Pavement Designs

Hire our pavement consultants to design robust and durable pavements. 

Pavement Consulting Services
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